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Let's get to Work!

Do you or someone you know looking for a job? If so, you've landed in the right place! We will update this page weekly with relevant jobs from our members, sponsors and community. We encourage you to apply and please reach us at for assistance or questions. We wish you success with your job search!

If you would be so kind to please reference us if there is an "Where did you hear about us" part in your application.

This will allow us to continue what we're doing and reach more audience! Chi-miigwech.

Talon Metals Corp is hiring!

  • Driller Helper - see description here
  • Driller - see description here
  • Geochemist - see description here
  • Environmental Permitting and Compliance Specialist - see description here

Enbridge is hiring!

  • Service Analyst Contract Shared Services - see description here
  • Sr. Specialist Non-Technical Risk - see description here
  • Specialist Non-Technical Risk - see description here
  • Indigenous Employment Program - Various Positions - see description here

NewRange Copper Nickel is hiring!

  • GIG Specialist - see description here
  • Community Affairs Manager - see description here
  • Journeyperson Millwright - see description here
  • Master of Journeyperson Electrician - see description here
  • Project Coordinator - see description here
  • Project Director - see description here
  • Safety Coordinator - see description here
  • Tribal Liaison - see description here

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